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The Troll Face meme, also known as "cool face" or "problem?" meme, is a popular internet meme face often associated with the Rage Comic character format, The Troll Face character feature a wide grin or sarcastic expression, typically used to indicate a sense of funny trolling or sarcasm on the internet for amusement.

We chose the Troll Face as a starting point to evolve and take memes to the next era level by redesigning the meme character to a 3D version, adding depth, dimension, and a greater sense of movement to get a fresh-looking 3D Troll Face version that looks modern to be released and merged into web3 using blockchain technology

In this new era, the decentralized and secure nature of Web3 offers new opportunities for memes and online content, that allows meme creators to have greater control and ownership over their content and the ability to monetize it.
This potentially provides a new source of income for meme creators and helps support the growth of online memes culture and preserve memes as an important part of online culture and history


Our collection

3D version meme Troll Face NFT for web3 !

Based on our 3D Troll Face, we designed compatible 3D layers for the 3D Troll Face character, which used to create a 3D NFT collection consist of 6969 unique NFT meme characters, making it the perfect truly modern meme symbol NFT that could be collected, traded, and earn benefits with the utility behind holding the NFT in the long term.

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Phase 2: Marketing promotion to spread the news

The quality of the art and the large strong community consisting of collaboration managers, promoters and marketing experts are ready to spread the news of the memes bridge web3 NFT and grow the project

Phase 4: Let's Visit Meta

Through professional graphic design tools, we will develop the design of Troll Face 3D NFT to be compatible with Augmented Reality which will be deployed via Metafilters, and allow to showcase the Troll Face NFT on internet spreading the web3 memes

Following this Phase, we will enable community suggestions and votes for further development of the collection.

Phase 1: Launch initiated

Our number one priority is to deliver the highest quality NFTs possible.
Each TrollFace design undergoes into creative process and quality control to bring us incredible 3D art.

Phase 3: Let's conquer the web3

Our NFTs will be more than just a digital image, they're special type of memes NFT of high quality 3D design that will gives you the ability to showcase the favorite memes NFT the way we want on web3, and to ensure owning these NFT , We are enabled to join the whitelist to guarantee Minting spot that will take place in two phases: the first phase will be for Whitelist presale, which will be 50% cheaper than the second phase for public sale

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The Team

Browsing Internet memes, particularly OG Rage Comics memes, are a huge passion for the founder,
Since 2016, he has been trading cryptocurrency and learning blockchain development
His participation in the NFT space began two years ago as a developer, artist and flipper and with a community team of +20 members managing collaborations , moderators and marketing experts, they built and developed Web3.D Troll Face NFT deployed on solana blockchain


What is Internet Memes ?
An Internet memes is one of the biggest internet phenomena of all time , they are a form of internet culture and are a powerful way for people to share ideas and content with others, It's a concept , image , gif or a video and can contain a message , story or scenario that are created and shared by users via the internet , They can be anything from a humorous image with a caption to a scenario that becomes a sensation , These memes are often created with the intent of being shared and spread among a large online community and can be used to express ideas, opinions, or just to make people laugh for fun.
What is Rage Comics Memes ?
Rage Comics are a specific type of internet meme that originated on the Internet by online communities, The Comics feature cartoon-like character designs, each with their own distinct facial expressions and personalities, and are usually captioned with a humorous or relatable statement or scenario , They use a combination of drawings and text to tell a story or make a joke. Rage comics have been popular on the internet for many years and continue to be widely shared and enjoyed. As with other memes, Rage Comics characters are often used to express a particular emotion or point of view, and can be used to comment on social trends , any story or scenario.
What is Troll Face and how is it related to Rage Comics Memes?
The Troll Face meme, also known as 'cool face' or 'problem?' meme, is a popular internet meme image often associated with the Rage Comic character format, The Troll Face character feature a wide grin or sarcastic expression, typically used to indicate a sense of funny trolling or sarcasm on the internet for amusement
What is a Non-Fungible token ?
An NFT, a non-fungible token, is a digital certificate built on the blockchain that guarantees ownership of a unique digital asset, ,as the NFTs paradigm makes it impossible for one non-fungible token to be equal to another identification and metadata that distinguishes them from each other, making each token unique and irreplaceable, As they are digital representations of assets, each token contains a unique, non-transferable identity to distinguish it from other tokens.
What is the blockchain ?
Blockchain technology is the very foundation of cryptocurrency development. A blockchain is similar to a digital book of records. it's a distributed ledger that is shared among various computers all over the world that stores transactions as they occur. Transactions have to be validated on the various computers before they are recorded. Also, as the records exist across several nodes, they cannot be tampered with and can be viewed by anyone.